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Cattle need phosphorus (P) for almost every vital function of the body. Deficiencies often arise in tropical production systems because most northern soils have lower available soil P compared with southern Australia. This means there’s often insufficient P in the pasture to meet animal requirements. For many regions in northern Australia, P deficiency is a serious nutritional issue for beef herds and can cause major losses in productivity and profitability.

This module is designed as a guide for northern beef producers. It outlines why phosphorus is important, what the research has revealed about phosphorus supplementation, how to identify a phosphorus deficiency in your herd and how to supplement for P-deficient beef herds.

Additional resources and further reading are available in the Materials tab.

Learning objectives

At completion of this module, you will:

  • understand why cattle require phosphorus
  • understand how to identify a phosphorus deficiency 
  • understand the impact of a phosphorus deficiency in beef herds 
  • be able to identify the best options for phosphorus supplementation.

Additional resources 

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