Tools & calculators

Stocking rate calculator

The stocking rate calculator is designed to determine the number of cattle or sheep you should put into a paddock based on its carrying capacity.

Pasture Trial Network

This tool allows you to assess and compare the performance of more than 100 pasture varieties across the key pasture species for the red meat industry, including phalaris, cocksfoot, tall fescue, perennial and annual ryegrass, sub-clover and lucerne.

Feedbase planning and budgeting tool

This tool assists with: planning rotational grazing systems, determining appropriate stocking rates, calculating pasture growth rates, determining how long paddocks will last and calculating the most economical ration stock.

Soil phosphorus tool

This tool is intended to assist farmers in determining suitable levels of P-fertilisation of temperate pastures grazed by sheep and beef cattle on acid soils in southern Australia.

Pasture improvement calculator

This calculator helps to determine the costs and benefits of resowing pastures compared to current practice.

Feed demand calculator

This calculator allows producers to gain an appreciation of the pattern of feed supply and demand over a twelve-month period, the location of "feed gaps" and the ways in which modifying the livestock enterprise might help to close these gaps.

Other tools

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