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Getting results

Your data submission will be processed by our database managers and sent to be evaluated by the evaluation system ‘OVIS’. When this is completed, we will send you the results via email. This email will include various reports on your data attached as PDF files, as well as a link to download your ASBVs. You can download your ASBVs and upload them into your software for your own use.

The ASBVs will also be available on the Sheep Genetics search site for you to view, and for others to view if you have chosen to make your ASBVs public. You may wish to start your membership with privately available ASBVs which you can later change to public when you have submitted enough information to accurately reflect the genetic merit of your flock.

The reports sent to your email include:

Genetic trend report

Includes graphs and tables comparing your flock’s performance each year for traits relevant to your analysis against the rest of the animals in your breed and in the analysis. Also includes a summary of linkage for each trait group.

Database summary report

For each year drop, this report includes the number of male and female animals that were born, raised and recorded for traits relevant to your analysis at each age stage. It also includes the volume of sire and dam pedigree and the number of genomic records.

Individual listing report

For each animal, this report provides the current ASBVs for traits relevant to your analysis, the amount of inbreeding, the volume of pedigree in how many flocks and the sire and dam.

Sire summary report

For each sire you’ve used in your flock, this report gives the proportion of inbreeding, the sire of sire and the number of their male and female progeny in each drop.

Reproduction summary report

For each year drop, this report provides details for the volume reproduction data that has been used, including the number of lambs and dams, mating type, ewe fertility, if the data has successfully entered the analysis, preg scan records , lamb birth and rear types and number of dams excluded due to service sire failure.

Reproduction breeding values report

For each year of joining, this report provides the number of component reproduction records for ewes grouped by ewe year of birth.

Genomic results report

This report provides a list of genotyped animals in your flock with ASBVs relevant to your analysis.

Pedigree inconsistencies report

This report provides a list of animals that have pedigree information supplied by the breeder that conflicts with pedigree information that has been found in DNA parentage testing.

Pedigree problems report

For each year drop, this report provides a list of animals that have had their pedigree removed from the analysis and the reason for each removal.

Exclusions report

This report provides a list of animals with a measurement that has been removed from the analysis. The measurement is given with the animal’s group average and other statistics and the reason why this measurement was excluded.

It is important to go through each of these reports to see the progress in your flock’s ASBVs and to correct any errors.