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In this module, your business objectives will guide your tactics and strategies for matching feed supply to animal demand, managing any consequences and exploring opportunities when feed supply does not match enterprise demand. 

The biggest driver of pasture utilisation is stocking rate, which, in turn, is the major driver of meat and wool turned off per hectare and, therefore, of profit. 

The focus should be on optimising production per hectare rather than production per head. 

This module will help you: 

  • Know your annual feed supply
  • Know your annual feed demand from your livestock enterprise
  • Match your annual feed supply to your annual feed demand and manage seasonal and other risks.

A key process for converting pasture into product is to measure, manage and monitor pasture supply, animal demand and risk.

At its simplest, MMFS Module 8 Turn Pasture into Product is about getting the best alignment between animal demand and pasture supply so as much of the pasture you grow as possible ends up as animal product, without jeopardising the feedbase or natural resources. Increases in pasture utilisation must be made in ways that not only increase animal production but also reduce costs and account for natural resource management (NRM) risks.