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Livestock & other emissions

Livestock information

In this section you can enter your livestock data into the emissions calculator tool. In this simplified tool, you will only need to enter your average livestock numbers on the farm for the year, for both sheep and cattle. The tool will then calculate an average distribution of different stock classes (e.g. steers, cows, wethers, ewes) for your area to calculate emissions. 

For a more accurate output, you can enter detailed information of each stock class by season in the Calculate your emissions module.

Once you have entered all your livestock data, the tool will be able to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from your livestock operation.

Other emissions

The simple tool used in this module estimates other emissions to be 10% of total annual livestock emissions. Other emissions may include emissions generated from fertiliser or crop protection chemicals, electricity use, fuel, burning vegetation or other emissions generated in the supply chain “upstream” from your enterprise.

These figures are typical of an Australian livestock business. The majority of emissions will be from livestock, so the estimate you will see will be the emissions from your livestock, plus ten percent to take into account the above factors.