Plans are made to be revised and monitored regularly. Revisit your targets for pasture quality and quantity and livestock condition and growth to ensure you make your decisions:

  • Long before feed runs out;
  • Before groundcover drops below acceptable levels (a minimum of 70% groundcover for high rainfall zones, close to 100% for sloping country, and 40% for semi-arid areas; and
  • To meet all animal wellbeing requirements.

De-stock paddocks before groundcover falls to levels that expose paddocks to erosion. Put stock into another paddock where there is still adequate cover or, if this is not an option, put them into a containment area for feeding (sometimes called a drought lot). De-stocking will prevent overgrazing and death of perennial grasses and so minimise the need for resowing.

There are many courses and resources available to help you assess pasture and decide if the pasture in front of stock will meet their nutritional requirements. Being able to assess pasture objectively, in terms of quantity and quality is critical to making management decisions.