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Submitting data

When you have recorded your data you should submit it in a timely manner. The longer between the data collection and recording, the more difficult it will be to remember any recording mistakes and fix them up. Having timely submissions also means that the ASBVs are more accurate at each point in time, to inform the breeding and purchasing decisions of you and your clients.

The data you submit should include:

  • pedigree
  • measurements for traits
  • dates
  • management groups.

The data should be recorded in a compatible software program. There are commercial and free software options available which include:

  • BreedElite
  • Koolsoftware
  • MacroStock
  • Stockbook
  • Pedigree Master.

If you require help entering your data, we have a list of data managers available on our website.

Once you have entered your data, you will then need to run validation. Each of the recommended software programs have inbuilt validation that identifies mistakes. Go through the validation output and correct any mistakes before submitting your data file.

After validation, create an export of your data using your software and email it to Sheep Genetics will notify you via email when your data is added to the run.

Please ensure you send your file before 5pm NSW time on the date of the run.

  • MERINOSELECT/DOHNE: 7th and 21st of each month
  • LAMBPLAN: 1st and 15th of each month
  • When these dates fall on a weekend or NSW public holiday, the run is brought forward to the business day before.