Once you’ve purchased your high-performing bull, you want to make sure he stays in optimal condition.

1. Treat your bull according to your own biosecurity plan.

Practicing sound biosecurity is important for your farm and for the health and fitness of your new high-performing bull. Straight off the truck, treat him according to your own biosecurity plan, which should include an effective quarantine drench.

2. Record the bull's tag number and appropriate animal movement records.

For your own records, document at minimum his tag number provided by the stud and appropriate animal movement records. This will help you when it comes time to evaluating your bulls and identifying the traits you need for the future.

3. Allow six to eight weeks for your new bull to de-stress before joining and check on him frequently in these first few weeks.

To help settle him in, give him his own space and at least one mate to run around with. Avoid excessive handling during this period. Check on him frequently in these first few weeks, keeping a watchful eye on his behaviour, nutrition, health and condition.

4. Feed a high-protein diet prior to joining to ensure he is condition 3.5 at joining.

Providing the adequate diet prior to joining and ensuring good condition will enhance your bull’s reproductive performance. Make sure he’s at a condition score of 3.5 at the point of joining.

5. Confirm your bull is working once joining commences by watching him service in the paddock.

Pulling out a bull that is not performing early gives the opportunity to find a replacement sire in the joining period.

6. Conduct annual animal health treatments on your bulls and remember to carry out an annual BULLCHECK prior to joining.

Bulls can be injured or break down between use. A bull’s health and fitness is important to deliver good genetics to the herd or flock each year. To ensure reproductive performance, conduct annual animal health treatments and conduct a BULLCHECK, including morphology on your whole bull team, prior to joining.

The right bull will deliver for you and your future herd, so prepare carefully, choose wisely and care for this profit-maker once you get him home.

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