The second strategy required to replace outclassed cultivars is to rapidly establish the seed bank of the newly introduced cultivar.

The rapid establishment of new cultivars is essential to compete against any residual outclassed sub-clovers. It is important to remember most mixed species pastures are only sown at 5–10kg/ha of clover seed and the pasture needs to produce around 200kg/ha as soon as possible. Through careful management this can be achieved in one to two seasons.

Consideration should be given to:

  • correcting any underlying soil conditions
  • selecting cultivars that suit the growing season and likelihood of false breaks, have desirable pest and disease characteristics, and suit soil and climatic conditions
  • using certified seed
  • applying seed coating treatments to inoculate seed and protect against insects and disease at germination
  • increasing the sowing rate, to combat any residual sub-clover seed remaining
  • using direct placement of seed into the soil in preference to aerial sowing
  • managing grazing to maximise flowering and seed set.

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