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MLA & AWI July 5, 2024

This module focuses on the people who are important to a business, whether they are family members, owners or employees, advisors or contractors. It offers practical ways to boost capacity, capability and confidence through more effective communication, long-term planning and leadership. 

Best practice people management can be defined as: 

  • a culture that ensures balanced, positive and sustainable work outcomes 
  • clear communication and vision for the future that all team members own and are motivated by; 
  • continual capability development of the whole team  
  • clear plans for the future of the organisation including risks, safety, succession and career development.  

This module repeatedly emphasises the need for scheduled time ‘working on the business’ alongside ‘working in the business’. Working on the business includes anything strategic: business, finance, marketing, sales, research and business vision — it is generally more planning, monitoring and reviewing than ‘doing’. Working in the business includes completing day-to-day activities and managing and implementing business plans and strategy. Both working on and working in the business are important, but working on the business often is neglected when things get busy. It’s essential to allocate time to these activities. 

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