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What products are available for use in sheep?

There are currently four products on the market which have pain relief claims in sheep:

  1. Tri-Solfen (Bayer Australia) – local anaesthesia, post-op
  2. NumOcaine (Mavlab, sheep only) – local anaesthesia, pre-op
  3. Ilium Buccalgesic OTM (Troy Laboratories, meloxicam) – Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID)
  4. Metacam (Boehringer Ingelheim, meloxicam) – NSAID.


Tri-Solfen® is a topically applied combination agent that includes lignocaine, bupivacaine, adrenaline and cetrimide. It was initially registered for treatment of sheep undergoing surgical mulesing, and its use has been extended to include other painful procedures and conditions in sheep.

It is applied to wounds, so it is a post-operative product for routine animal husbandry procedures.

It is an S5 drug so it is available over the counter from major distributors directly to producers. Current costs are approximately $780 for 5L or $2,620 for 20L (86c for a 6ml dose).


NumOcaine® is the local anaesthetic lignocaine marketed together with the NumNuts ring application system. At present it is only registered for use in sheep. The NumNuts device is purchased separately to the NumOcaine, which has to be ordered through a veterinarian.

The NumOcaine contains the lignocaine in a sealed system that only allows access through the NumNuts applicator, and is applied at the same time as the ring. Applicators cost approximately $400 and NumOcaine is approximately 67c/dose.

NumOcaine is an S4 drug so it must be purchased from a veterinarian. Each 100ml bottle gives approximately 65 doses.


Buccalgesic® is a meloxicam (NSAID) gel that is administered by oral application in the buccal (cheek) pouch in lambs, rather than drenching for the animal to swallow.

At present it is available in a 200ml pack costing approximately $80-100, or  40c/10kg for lambs.

It is an S4 drug, so it has to be purchased from a veterinarian.


Metacam® is a meloxicam (NSAID) injection (subcutaneous, under the skin at a rate of 1ml/20kg).

It is available in 100ml bottles costing approximately $150-200, or 75c/10kg for lambs.

It is an S4 drug, so it has to be purchased from a veterinarian.