Start by fully assessing your livestock needs, how the pasture will be utilised, the feed gaps in your system and where it fits in the paddock rotation. Review local trial data and seek advice from agronomists to understand which varieties perform best in your region.

Other factors to consider are:

  • availability of seed
  • capacity to sow it and manage establishment
  • paddock history and preparation.


  1. Use the right species and cultivar: do the research on what is doing well in your area.

  2. As for any new pasture sowing, make sure weed seed bank population has been reduced by preventing seed set of weeds for two and preferably three years prior to sowing the new pastures.

  3. Minimise residual herbicide risk: avoid using residual herbicides in the previous crop or in summer spraying.

  4. Choose the right soil type: match the soil type with the species.

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