Don’t break the (seed) bank

Maintaining a high seed bank is crucial to growing pastures which will regenerate quickly after the cropping phase, or persist as a standalone pasture.

Getting it right involves:

  • allowing seed set in the establishment year and then every two to three years following
  • understanding the breakdown patterns of seeds under various conditions
  • using livestock to ingest and spread the seed during grazing
  • avoiding overgrazing during flowering to allow the development of pods.

How do I incorporate cropping?

It is recommended a cereal crop is sown into a hardseeded legume pasture the year after establishment using minimum tillage machinery. Cropping utilises nitrogen fixed by the legumes and allows time for hard seed to break down.

If a reasonable seed bank has been developed in the establishment year, regeneration will be ensured in year three.

Very hard-seeded legumes like biserrula and yellow serradella can withstand three or four successive crops and still regenerate adequately.

Bladder clover (Trifolium spumosum)

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