When used correctly as part of a property health plan, vaccines can help prevent common livestock diseases, leading to improved animal health, welfare and productivity. 

Northern beef producers should be aware of the endemic diseases in their region that can be prevented by vaccination.

Important considerations when vaccinating northern cattle

  • Seek veterinary advice when required.
  • Read the label thoroughly before use and follow all label directions or restrictions, including directions for dose rates, route of administration, safety precautions, personal protective equipment and disposal of empty containers and unused product.
  • Record the appropriate information and include on the LPA NVD/Waybill if the livestock are sold.
  • Ensure withholding periods (WHPs) and export slaughter intervals (ESIs) are adhered to.
  • Store and handle vaccines appropriately, as indicated on the vaccine label, to ensure effectiveness of the vaccine is maintained.
  • Maintain good hygiene.
  • Use well maintained, sterilised injection equipment appropriate to the vaccine being used and change needles frequently.

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