This module has introduced several of the key concepts that underpin animal breeding and genetics. At completion of this module you should now: 

  • understand that specific characteristics in animals can be achieved through selective breeding
  • understand that the value of the breeding animal is its genes
  • understand how animal performance is influenced both by genetic (heritable) and environmental (non-heritable) factors
  • understand the factors that influence the rate of genetic improvement
  • understand that genetic improvement is permanent, cumulative and a long-term investment for livestock operations.

To learn more about animal breeding and genetics, work through the following modules: 

  • Module 2 – Breeding Objectives – COMING SOON
  • Module 3 – Selection Tools – COMING SOON
  • Module 4 – Estimated Breeding Values – COMING SOON
  • Module 5 – Using and Understanding Breeding Values – COMING SOON
  • Module 6 – DNA Technologies in Beef Breeding – COMING SOON

Complete the below survey to finish the module.