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Developing a project plan

A project plan is a blueprint for the development phase of the project. It builds on the detail in the proposal. Project plans are essential so that:

  • Every team member understands the purpose of the project and how they fit in.
  • You can keep a check on the progress in terms of timelines, deliverables and budget.
  • You can course-correct and understand the implications when you need to.
  • You have the information to report to the project sponsor, funders and the executive.

Project plans also keep the team informed and on track. Plans should provide direction but permit flexibility. They operationalise the proposal in a concrete way.

The plan should contain these elements:

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Stakeholders and roles
  • Team members and roles
  • Budget
  • Milestones and deliverables
  • Timeline and Schedule
  • Communication plan.

There are many platforms for project management, however if you want to set up your own plan, use this as a guide:

You will also need a project timeline.