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This module is designed to be taken after the completion of Module 1 – Concepts of animal breeding and genetics and Module 2 – Breeding objectives. If you have not completed both modules then please go back and complete them before undertaking this module.

This training package has been designed to help you understand the different selection tools available when looking into improving your herd’s genetic merit. Once you’ve set a breeding objective, you can identify what tools are required to help you get there.

This module outlines some methods that can be used to assess animals available for sale. These include:

  • Visual assessment
  • Raw performance data
  • Progeny testing
  • Genetic assessment using BREEDPLAN Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs)

These methods vary in their accuracy to describe the genetic merit of the animal. Some methods separate genetic factors from environmental factors (including management). Others do not but can still provide a useful snapshot of the animal’s own performance at a specific point in time.

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