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Visual assessment

Visual assessment involves examining the animal and assessing its physical attributes and behaviour. In general, this includes assessment of:

  • Structural soundness (e.g. feet, legs, sheath)
  • Temperament
  • Body condition and health (e.g. fly bites)

Visual assessment should always be used in conjunction with BREEDPLAN EBVs (assessment of genetic merit) when making animal selection decisions.

Some individual sale bulls may have BULLCHECKTM or Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (VBBSE) results available. Developed by the Australian Cattle Veterinarians to standardise bull fertility testing, BULLCHECKTM provides an indication of the animal’s current reproductive function. A BULLCHECKTM assessment is performed by an accredited veterinarian, and may include five components:

  1. Scrotal circumference measurement
  2. A general physical evaluation and examination of the reproductive tract
  3. An assessment of serving ability
  4. A crush side semen assessment
  5. Sperm morphology (laboratory examination)

Optional reading: For further information on BULLCHECKTM see the Australian Cattle Veterinarians BULLCHECKTM Fact Sheet or visit the FutureBeef website (short video included).