An animal can be measured for a range of traits over its lifetime (e.g. liveweight, scrotal circumference measurements, ultrasound scanning). Performance information collected on the individual animal and its relatives will all be used in the calculation of an individual’s BREEDPLAN EBVs.

Performance information submitted to BREEDPLAN is collected by:

  • Beef breeders (e.g. seedstock producers).
  • Projects funded by industry and/or by beef breed societies.

The diagram below provides an overview of the performance data that can be collected for BREEDPLAN, and the life stage of the animal when it is collected. Seedstock breeders are encouraged to record the traits that are of importance to their and/or their clients’ breeding objective(s). This performance information is submitted to BREEDPLAN for analysis.

For more information, see the Recording Performance Information booklet and associated short videos.