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Present online

Now that we have learnt to work remotely, many meetings are conducted online. You will probably be asked to make your pitch online. Much of the previous advice applies to preparing and presenting online. However, there are some differences, and these tips will help to make your online presentation more successful:

  • Reduce the number of slides and keep them simple
  • Check that your technology works, the audio is set at the right volume and the camera at the right angle
  • Check your background doesn’t distract
  • If sharing the screen, ensure that you also share computer audio and select the right screen to share
  • If using a PowerPoint presentation, change the setting > Slide Show>Set up slide show> Show type> Browsed by an individual – this means you can see the faces of the audience while presenting
  • Welcome each participant by name to create a relaxed atmosphere
  • Ensure that each audience member has their camera on (if possible)
  • Ask them to mute when not speaking
  • Your voice and face are the most critical elements online – speak clearly, slowly and enunciate well
  • Maintain eye contact with everyone equally and look happy and interested
  • Invite comments and questions via the chat and keep an eye on inputs so that you can respond promptly.

Use the Presentation Checklist to get feedback on your presentation.

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