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Definition of an innovation mindset and why it’s important in the red meat sector

Innovation mindset

An innovation mindset enables your organisation to create and adopt innovation quickly and effectively. The Innovation Mindset Framework has been developed from experience with Australia’s leading companies and the latest international research. The framework identifies a range of perspectives, behaviours and actions proven to be needed by a team to progress from an idea to an innovative solution. Every employee can identify their strengths and therefore feel that they can contribute, because no one attribute is more important than any other.

Why it’s important for the red meat sector

An innovation mindset equips red meat processors and producers to innovate in response to:

  • customer expectations and needs, for example, preferences for clean, green production, provenance, convenience
  • technology change, for example, sensors that collect data
  • climate change, for example, ways to decarbonise, recycle and reuse, manage waste
  • new policies and regulations, including government and international requirements
  • competition from other protein products and countries.

Innovative organisations know that to keep ahead of change they need to involve every employee to get their insights, ideas and buy in. It is no longer the realm of the sole genius or a management committee.

An innovation mindset speeds up change because it enables everyone to contribute according to their strengths and encourages fast adoption because employees are engaged in the process.