Pasture regrowth will be affected because leaf area is lower than desirable, bare ground has increased and the clover will also be impacted. Expect lower than normal pasture growth for the two months following treatment.

The largest effect on sub-clover production will occur three to five weeks after application, with some studies showing a short-term decline of between 10–40% after application of MCPA® Amine (Evans et al., 1989; Sandral and Dear, 2005)

Long-term, the clover will recover, producing runners to populate bare areas, leading to higher overall clover content.

Remaining plants need an extended period of rest to recover. The next grazing should occur once the perennial grasses have reached at least three new leaves per tiller.

Antas sub-clover three weeks after spraying with MCPA® Amine 750 at 940mL/ha in late June (right) compared to unsprayed (left). Image: Mark Slatter, Nufarm

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