BREEDPLAN calculates Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for a range of economically important traits:

As discussed in Module 4, each BREEDPLAN EBV is reported in the units of measurement (e.g. 400 Day Weight EBVs are reported in kilograms, and Scrotal Size EBVs are reported in centimetres), with a plus or minus sign to denote direction.

Please note that larger, more positive EBVs are not favourable for all traits. For example, lower, more negative Gestation Length EBVs are generally considered to be more favourable (shorter gestation).

Optional reading: An explanation of each EBV (including favourable direction) can be found in the Using & Understanding BREEDPLAN EBVs booklet.

Optional viewing: The MLA Genetics Hub has also published several short videos that outline a number of the BREEDPLAN EBVs in more detail: